JSEM will include a wide variety of teaching, study, travel and field experience. Students will have opportunity to learn deeply through a strong course load while also having opportunity to experience Thailand in all its beauty and struggle. There will be planned trips for on-site ministry as well as times for students to travel with guided supervision. 

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Pre-Trip Assignments

Read "when helping hurts" by Corbett and fikkert, producing a book report, taking a personality test, and start researching Thailand. Check the full list upon acceptance.



Don't Forget anything and don't pack too much! Get ready to unplug and Re-engage.

Week 1


transition week to phuket! Check out your new home, Eat great food and get to know the JSEM community.  We've been praying for you!

Week 2

Cross-Cultural Studies

You are experiencing it. now let's study Thai culture, shame & honour Perspectives, folk religions and Spiritual warfare.

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Week 3

Justice and Community Development

The theology of Justice and trauma awareness.

HOlistic Community development:theory and practice. In however God calls you,learn to serve well.

Week 4

Deeper Life

This week is all about about the holy spirit, hearing god’s voice, and intentional times of reflection.   

Week 5

World Religions

An overview of different religions in a thai context and learning about evangelism.


Week 6

Old Testament Study

we will be going through the old testament with an amazing Speaker! 

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Week 7

New Testament Study

you guessed it - another week to explore God's story in the new testament.


Week 8

Exposure Trip

See real anti-trafficking ministries at work at some stops around thailand.

Week 9

Visa Run!

 Time for a visa run, so We're going international! We are heading to cambodia.

Week 10

Modern Missions

Love God, Love Others, and Make disciples.  Study Local missions and prepare to fulfill the great commission.


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Week 11

Modern Church History

Study about the modern church and its history, some student teaching time, and a cool trip.

Week 12

Debrief and Re-entry week

Getting ready to head back home and an epic camping trip.


Week 13

Grad Week

We have come to the end. it will be an epic week of celebrating easter, a water fight festival, and graduation.


Back Home-Now What?

You’re not the same. But what’s next? Share God’s story in your life. Share in church. bring mentors around you for prayer. Don’t forget to listen!



12 weeks not enough? Stick around, travel, network.  Just check your visa and don't overstay. 



Living arrangements



You may be sleeping in dorms, you may have a house - housing changed by the semester. Be ready for whatever - it's all part of the adventure! Don't worry - it's clean! 


Do you like Pad Thai? Awesome! We are going to show you some better food though! You will get some real yummy legit Thai food - get ready!! 


Do you like adventure? We do too. We will be going on hikes during our free time, adventure trips and traveling around Thailand and Cambodia! 




Be prepared for some long flights, warm weather and busy spaces. Make sure to bring:

  • Open attitude for new things

  • A great journal and pens

  • Passion for discipleship

  • Bible

  • I like good headphones with my quiet time

  • Water bottle..... "Hydrate or die!"

  • Unlocked phone

  • Backpack 

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses - it's hot and bright!

  • Assigned books for kindle

  • Etc.. Want to know more? Sign up for the info package for more things to bring!